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Welcome to the Dilmah School of Tea | e-Learning Platform. Access a series of online training resources anytime and anywhere to enhance your skills and knowledge. Choose from a range of new courses listed below to start your self-paced learning process.

Learning Modules


History and Culture of Tea

According to legend, some 5,000 years ago, Emperor Shen Nung who was travelling around the Chinese countryside had asked for his water to be boiled as it was foul and unfit for drinking.


Variety in Tea

The diversity in tea is elegantly expressed visually, in the leaf, infusion of the brewed leaf and the brewed liquor, continuing through the fragrance of the tea both leaf and liquor and finally


Traditional Tea Manufacturing

There is a story in tea that is inspiring in its expression. It is a tale that starts with a tiny seedling which evolves through the influence of soil, rainfall, sunshine ........


Why is Ceylon Tea Different?

Sri Lanka has been known for its commitment to traditional, orthodox manufacture, to handpicking tea and to conservative agricultural practices. These are the hallmarks of great tea.


Tea and Mixology

Brewing tea for cocktails and punches is not very different from brewing your daily cuppa but it still requires some explanation. First of all you’ll always need a medium to a strong brew.


How to Brew, Present & Serve a Perfect Cup of Tea

There is only one right way to brew tea. Most tea drinkers fail to ensure the quality of tea in their cup and in the process lose the pleasure and natural goodness in tea...


Tea & Your Health

Carbohydrates, Protein, Lipid (fat), Vitamins, Minerals and Water are considered the basic nutrients in food, essential for good health.


Advanced Sensory Evaluation

Sensory evaluation is a scientific discipline that analyses and measures human responses to the composition of food and drink, e.g. appearance, touch, smell, texture, temperature and taste...


Tea Pairings

Tea was discovered more than 4500 years ago. Throughout history, tea has been enjoyed with food.In tea producing countries such as China, Japan and India, the cuisine and various varieties of teas...


Moods, Senses and Tea

As humans we are gifted with five amazing senses that work with the brain to process and interpret our surroundings....


Cooking with Tea

For years, chefs have infused tea’s aromatic flavours into food.


Tea Inspired Menu Creation

At the centre of the inspired Tea Experience in Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, at corporate events or conferences, is the Tea Menu. Consumers generally desire quality, provenance, wellness, variety...


Terroir of Tea

Tea connoisseurs often speak of terroir ( pronounced tear-wah). This french word refers to all the natural features of tea garden : its aspect, its altitude, the general climate and microclimate...